FeePay Funding Cash Flow Solutions

Healthy cash flow is more than just a sign of a healthy business, it can be the determinant of future growth and long-term success. Cyclical fluctuations throughout the year can adversely affect your clients cash flow which in turn affects yours, so it is important to try and keep cash flow in positive territory.

FeePay funds a uniquely tailored suite of Cash Flow solutions for Professional Service providers and their clients.

Our FeePay Professional Fee Funding is available to Accounting and Legal firms as a convenient cash flow friendly payment option for their clients while the firm gets paid in full and upfront.

FeePay Funding also offers a flexible and cost effective of Technology Finance product that are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the professional services sector and includes finance for implementations that comprise of 100% software and services.

For our personal injury and compensation law firms the FeePay Disbursement Funding addresses the fact that these types of firms are capital intensive businesses with unique cash flow cycles compared to other professional service providers.

Contact us today to find out how FeePay can dramatically improve the cash flow for your firm or business.

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