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FeePay Disbursement Funding

Unlock your Firm’s operating cash-flow with a FeePay Disbursement Funding facility – a cash-flow funding facility for Law Firms to fund disbursements associated with personal injury matters for individuals.

Many Australian Law Firms have found themselves having to manage their time on a no-win-no-fee basis, while also having to fund the cost of disbursements on behalf of their clients. To overcome this, FeePay Funding developed the Disbursement Funding facility.

Key features of FeePay Disbursement Funding include:

  • Your Firm will no longer have to carry the cost of financing disbursements internally
  • Your Firm are not restricted by the cost of new client engagements
  • The application process does not involve any intrusive employment or income checks
  • The administratively efficient process is managed by our experienced team

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Some commonly asked questions…

  • Simple online application process
  • 24/7 access to your own online account
  • The funds are drawn down as required
  • Clients appreciate the ‘no win no fee’ aspect of the product
  • Interest is not payable on undrawn funds
  • No monthly repayments are required
  • Regular Firm reporting
  • FeePay Funding charges the Client a range of fees, including interest on the accrued outstanding funds. We believe that our fees are both competitive and reasonable.
  • As funds are advanced on a needs basis, interest is only charged on those funds that have been drawn down.
  • Where the matter is successful, there are no charges payable by your Firm. All fees and charges are paid by the Client from the settlement proceeds.
  • Where a matter is unsuccessful, your Firm is required to repay the principal of the fee funded and the original setup fees only.