FeePay Professional Fee Funding

FeePay Professional Fee Funding is a short-term cash flow funding product designed specifically to meet the needs of Professional Service Firms and their clients.

FeePay enables firms to offer their cthe option of spreading the payment of their fees and disbursements over a number of manageable, monthly instalments instead of having to pay the fees in one lump sum. By offering FeePay your firm can dramatically reduce the overhead of managing and carrying debtors while adding value to your service offering and providing fee earners with a positive reason to discuss fees.

FeePay Professional Fee Funding is available for professional fees and outlays for business and individual clients. Once a FeePay Funding Application is approved, your firm gets 100% of the fee paid upfront and your client repays us in monthly instalments via direct debit from their nominated bank account or credit card.

Most importantly, FeePay does all of the work. All your firm needs to do is to create and provide an application to your selected clients, once a completed application is submitted to FeePay, we do the rest. FeePay even manages 100% of default payment follow-up so using FeePay also provides a high level of administrative efficiencies.

The principal of the fees funded are guaranteed by the firm, however FeePay has a number of processes in place to minimise your risk and exposure.

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  • Same Day Approvals

  • 24 Hour Settlements

  • Substantial Limits

  • Terms of 3 to 24 months

  • Funding for Businesses

  • Funding for Trusts

  • Funding for Partnerships

  • Funding for Individuals

  • Late Payment Follow-up

  • Re-finance Options

  • Fast Turnaround

  • Excellent Service