Fee Funding for Accounting Firms

The FeePay Professional Fee Funding facility is available to FeePay accredited Accounting firms of all sizes, from the top tier to a sole practitioner.

With a FeePay Professional Fee Funding facility your Accounting firm can offer clients a flexible, convenient and cash flow friendly option for payment of your fees and can be used to fund professional fees and outlays for your business and individual clients.

FeePay Professional Fee Funding enables your firm to dramatically reduce the overhead of managing and carrying debtors while adding value to your service offering and providing fee earners with a positive reason to discuss fees.

To be eligible to apply for a FeePay facility, Accounting firms will need to have a minimum of 12 months trading and at least one Partner/Director that is a current member of ICA, CPAA, IPA or NTAA.

Please note that FeePay Professional Fee Funding can only fund fees for accounting services rendered and is not available for insolvency related matters.

Click here to request a FeePay Professional Fee Funding information pack or apply online.

FeePay For Accounting
  • Approvals in 3 hours

  • Settlements in 24 Hours

  • Substantial Limits

  • Terms of 3 to 24 months

  • Funding for Businesses

  • Funding for Individuals

  • Re-finance Options

  • Late Payment Management

Some commonly asked questions…

There is no cost to the Firm for using FeePay. The Client pays a nominal charge for implemented funding which includes an application fee and a credit fee. This fee is based on the amount of the fees funded and the term of the funding.

All costs and charges are clearly outlined on the FeePay Application Form which you provide to your Clients without cost or obligation.igation.

Upon receipt of an application, FeePay will process approvals within a few hours.

As a standard, FeePay process settlement of 100% of the fees funded to your Firm with 24 hours from application approval.

FeePay can fund individual Clients and any business Clients with an ABN.

Your firm decides which of your Clients you want to offer FeePay Funding. You also determine the term of the funding being offered and the amount of the fees to be funded.

FeePay does all of the work. We manage all default and late payment follow-up with your Clients directly.

Your Firm will be advised of the status of late or missed payments but there is no action for you to take as our experienced credit team will assist your Clients to get back on track with their payments.

FeePay undertakes comprehensive implementation sessions with our new Firms and provides training on how best to offer the facility to Clients. We also provide Firms with printed and electronic brochures along with other useful collateral.

Training sessions for Partners and Fee Earners can also be provided.

Simply contact us to request an information package and Firm Application Form or submit an Online Firm Application Form.

We will process your application within 24 hours and upon approval we can have your FeePay Professional Funding Facility set-up and ready to offer to you Clients the next day.